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To begin with, this site actually is about the town of celebration, just south of Orlando, Florida. Most of the sites on page one of Google use the name Celebration, but if you look at the houses, very few are actually in the town, and most have nothing to do with the place

Front    Celebration, the town the Disney company founded, near Orlando, Florida, USA was modeled on traditional style homes from all over America. Yet this is a modern new town, only started in 1994. There are single family homes, townhouses modeled on Georgian styles. There are ante-bellum mansions reminiscent of the old South, modern condominiums and studio apartments above garages. Properties are owned by individuals, fee simple, (freehold), and bought and sold like in any town.

   Most visitors to Celebration enjoy just driving round, marveling a the great diversity and quality of homes, villas, and the large stately mansions. Yet there is a lot the casual visitor can miss. It seems like few houses have Map of Celebration town location in Central Floridagarages. That’s because garages - many for three cars, are in the rear of the properties and accessed by a slip road. Some are not just garages either. After all, why just house cars, when you can house granny as well - or a paying tenant? Yes, many homes, and not just the larger ones, have apartments above the garages. It’s just one of the many good ideas which can be incorporated when a new town is designed from the ground up.

   Perhaps you might have a hankering to live in Celebration, or buy an investment property which can be rented, which is very popular in this upscale town. If so you have come to the right place. New World Real Estate is a resident real estate agency in Celebration: click to see houses for sale, condos for sale, townhouses for sale, or property to rent

    Celebration is only a ten minute drive to Walt Disney World and next to I-4 and the Orlando 417 beltway (ring road), to Orlando International airport and Sanford airport.

    Call Kati or Roger Hughes, who live in Celebration and know most of what’s going on.

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